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Transparent Washing Machine Filter
Transparent Washing Machine Filter

Anti-scale Pro Filter     

Mode: PT-1221

The powerful water filter for washing machine & dishwasher for the Scale will not only cause damage to the washing machine or the dishwasher , but also cause increased energy consumption and reduce the cleaning effect and the temperature of the washing or cleaning process considerably . The water filter Safe Pro contains particularly effective  Siliphos. These convert the Siliphons contained in water into calcium phosphates. At the same time the calcium and magnesium ions are bound , whereby the water is softened . Through this process, there is no longer scale may lay down .

Small Price - Great effect

With the Safe Smart water filter to protect your home appliances without the use of toxic water conditioner especially environmentally friendly against calcification . In addition, the effectiveness of the washing or cleaning agent is increased by up to 30 % by the use of the filter.
The Siliphons have a lifespan of up to 3 months and can be replaced easily and quickly.

Note: The water filter is not suitable for drinking water treatment .

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