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Tap Faucet Water Filter Silver
Tap Faucet Water Filter Silver

Carbon Remove chlorine ,organics ,odor ,smell 
KDF remove chloring ,heavy metal 
safty for cooking and drinking 

1) Tap Water Filter 
2) Mode No.: PT-1201
3) Cartridge: Activated carbon 
4) The body is electroplated 
5) Material: ANS 

The product adopts the most advanced ion-exchange and activated carbon adsorption technology to perfor water purification function. Activated carbon which can efficiently remove the small molecular organic substance, residual chlorine, and other can improve water taste.

Dechlorination & Decontamination—Prevent Skin from Aging and Eliminate Tap Water Secondary Pollution

Chlorine is a kind of strong oxidant which may easily oxidize the skin keratoderma protein, cause itching and various skin diseases. While active carbon has extraordinary dechlorination function  thus can keep our skin away from chlorination.

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