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Atmospheric Water System
Atmospheric Water System

Atmospheric Water Combination system

Enjoy the advantages:

1:Huge 6.5" LCD touch screen, user friendly design, intuitive and convenient operation

2:The unit is a new state of the art water generating machine which takes moisture out of  thin air and turns it into pure drinking water.

3:Muti-stage filtration system not only effectively removing the high concentrations of ammonia, but ensure the purest drinking water by using the "Reverse Osmosis" technology and the "Ultraviolet" lights in the circulation system.

4:The special technology inverter compressor option which can reduce power consumption by 25%.

Technical data (PT-1115)
Production capacity:  30L/D
Storage capacity:  12.5L
Cooling power:  500W
Heating power:  500W
Power consumption:  1000W
Cooling refrigerant gas type:  R22/R407C/R134a
Hot water temperature:  75°C-93°C
Cold water temperature:  4°C-10°C
Unit Dimension:  450x430x1120(mm)
Net weight:  50 kg

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