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Norit Water purifier 2 stages
Norit Water purifier 2 stages

Undersink Deluxe Filter System -double stages

Innovation ideas :
Combination of the advanced carbon fiber filter and Ultrafiltration membrane( UF).High efficiency innovation filtration system .

Main advantages:
1: Advanced fiber filter can remove the residual chlorine, bleaching powder and the heterochromatic odor . Meanwhile ,can high efficiency remove .Arsenic. Mercury and other heavy metal .

2: High precision ultra-membrane with pore size of only 0.01 microns , uniform pore distribution and hydrophilic can remove bacteria、microorganisms、colloids、spores、cysts、and all kinds of impurities but keep the useful substance like calcium and magnesium ions and water molecules. The effluent water meeting the drinking water standard can direct drinking .

3: Compact size ,flexible and convenient installation , in one-disposable filter ,convenient heath and no secondary pollution
4: Provide optional add the internal anti-scale material with good anti-corrosion scale inhibitor efficacy , well -protected pipeline.

Technical Data:

Mode Wokring pressure  Rated Flow Water source  Ambient Temp Size(MM)
PT-1103 SET(10") 1-8bar 200L/H City Water 5-40°C 295*105*230
PT-1104SET(15") 1-8bar 200L/H City Water 5-40°C 380*105*230

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