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S.S Pure-King W/controle valve
S.S Pure-King W/controle valve

S.S Pre filtration system with controle valve

1: Outlook:
Fashion design, that all just streamlined bottom bracket elegant taste of this equipment is a home improvement landscape, the most exquisite stainless steel processing,

2:  Principle :
Stainless steel housing to protect multi-way control valve manually, can greatly increase its life .
the machine can be manually backwash,
Make use of the manual valve to change the direction of  water flow, high and low self-cleaning, water, By use of water vortex generated from pressure washing the filter bed and remove the filter bed residual impurities, dirt and other harmful substances, the filter cleaning and maximum recycling rate. The filter can be used repeatedly, prevent secondary pollution, extend the life of the body.

3: Filtration Efficiency:
Thoroughly filtered water, rust, colloid, suspended solids, organic macromolecules and other harmful substances, while retaining the beneficial minerals and trace elements in water, purified water is crystal clear, drinkable. The purely physical filtration principle, do not add any chemicals, high water utilization of water, no wastewater is generated, easy to use.

4: Capacity :
Large volume water production capacity, widely used in whole house pure water system

Technical data( PT-1106)
Name Type  Pure-King w/ controle valve
Size  φ100 mm × 300/400 mm
Assembly dimensions 1/2", 3/4”
Working pressure  0.1-0.35 Mра
Maximum temperature 5 degrees -100 degrees
Work flow 2 T-3 T
S.S Filter Accuracy 10 microns
Flushing principle Multi-Controle valve
Life span  50 years

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