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S.S Pre filter Pure King
S.S Pre filter Pure King

All Stainless steel Pre-filter with anti-scale function:


* Adopts imported stainless steel material, can easily handle a variety of industrial water, sewage (drainage), surface water and river water / wells and other water sources.
* The devices can be used for high temperature and pressure conditions.
* High-speed and thorough backwashing system with minimum water consumption

Efficient, accurate S.S filter processing ability last long life :

* Filter adopts all imports of stainless steel, filtering accuracy accurate to 10 microns, by washing and scrubbing can be used repeated use no need replace.Special open and close structure give option to put FDA standard silipons Ball inside which effective prevent the scale in the water .

* S.S housing used imported S.S material guarantee stable performance,and comply with the appropriate quality standards within the cylinder exclusive anti-corrosion treatment, health and safety, high pressure, long life.
* Original fast card lock teeth fastening leak-proof structure design (won the national patent)

Applications in all area:

*  Protection of the household: electric water boilers, water heaters, water purifiers, water softeners, water pipes.
* Large-scale water treatment: water treatment, cooling tower circulating water, municipal wastewater treatment, industrial wastewater reuse treatment.
* Industry: power plants, thermal electronics, petroleum, chemical, steel, textile, paper industry
* Food industry: sugar, beverage plants, potato processing plants, food processing plants
* Irrigation: garden, lawn, livestock, greenhouse planting.

Technical data   (PT-1105)
Name Type  Pure-King 
Size  φ110 mm × 270/330 mm
Assembly dimensions 1/2", 3/4”
Working pressure  0.1-0.35 Mра
Maximum temperature 5 degrees -100 degrees
Work flow 2 T-3 T
S.S Filter Accuracy 10 microns
Flushing principle washing downstream
Life span  50 years

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